Respimat® reusable

The inhaleability* you know, with enhanced handling for patients†1–9  

*Slow and easy§ inhalation enabled by active soft mist delivery.1–9

vs Respimat disposable.

Same soft mist1,2

Allows patients to inhale slowly and gently3–5

Better grip†1,2

For enhanced everyday use

Larger dose indicator†1,2

Easy to see how many doses remain

Easier to load†1,2

Less force required to insert a cartridge

vs Respimat disposable.

Learn more at
HCP password: softmist

Aerosol velocity 0.8 m/s consistent with the lower range of patient inspiratory flow rate.5

§93% of patients rated Respimat as ‘very good’ or ‘good’ for how easy it was to inhale from the device.6

Please review Product Information before prescribing. Full Product Information is
available at Further Information is available
from Boehringer Ingelheim Pty Ltd.


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