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Pharmacists and public health leaders were honoured for their services to the community in this year’s Queen’s Birthday honours.
Genevieve Adamo MPS is the Senior Pharmacist –Poisons Information at the NSW Poisons Information Centre and a speaker at PSA22 next month.
An only child of Vietnamese boat people, WA’s Pharmacist of the Year Phuong Nguyen MPS combines pharmacy with big business.
The former Director of Pharmacy at Adelaide’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Kingsley Coulthard FPS, is South Australia’s PSA Lifetime Achievement Award winner for 2022.
Two slipped discs on a construction site led to Sean Richardson’s unusual career segue into the pharmacy profession. Was pharmacy always your first choice as a career?  Not completing Year 10 led indolently into the laborious side of the construction industry....
It’s a fair way from the sheep farm in South Australia to working at five pharmacies in outback Broken Hill, New South Wales. Meet Blake McCallum, PSA’s 2022 NSW Intern of the Year.
Deanna Mill MPS, a PhD candidate and PSA’s Early Career Pharmacist Board Appointed Director, is passionate about promoting professionalism in pharmacy practice.
University lecturer, community pharmacist and PSA NSW Branch Vice-President Dr Sarah Dineen-Griffin MPS has packed a lot into her 16 years in pharmacy – and she shows no sign of slowing down.
When the Tasmanian government called for immunisers to staff its COVID-19 vaccination clinics, community pharmacist Robert Beaumont MPS was eager to put his qualifications to good use.
PSA Lifetime Achievement Award recipients Valerie Constable FPS, John Coppock FPS and Bill Horsfall FPS, together with Chemist Outlet Founder Niels Bowen MPS, were among 545 people to receive a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in the 2022 Australia Day honours.