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As pharmacies remain open through the COVID-19 pandemic, pharmacists may likely see an increase in requests for strategies to manage stress and insomnia.
Influenza or ‘the flu’ is generally a self-limiting acute viral illness. However, it can also be severe and fatal.
Since their introduction, biopharmaceuticals or biological medicines have revolutionised how healthcare professionals treat and manage serious and debilitating chronic conditions.
Electronic prescriptions have the potential to impact on the way prescriptions are received and processed by pharmacists.
There are a number of existing and new digital options to assist practitioners provide health care to their patients in these challenging times.
Symptomatic haemorrhoids, also known as ‘piles’, are characterised by enlargement, swelling, prolapse and/or thrombosis of swollen blood vessels.
Not all individuals respond identically to the same dose of the same drug. These variations can be pharmacokinetic and/or pharmacodynamic in origin.
Case scenario Alexandra, a 73-year-old woman (51 kg), asks to speak with you. Alexandra has persistent symptomatic heart failure and is prescribed digoxin 125 microgram daily; she has been taking digoxin for the past three years. Alexandra complains of abdominal...
URTIs, commonly known as colds and flu, are the most common medical conditions affecting humans, with adults suffering 2–4 colds each year and schoolchildren 5–10 colds each year.
Clinical governance is a concept that has evolved from corporate governance, with a specific focus on health service delivery.