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Healthy sleep requires a range of complex physiological processes to be aligned with the body’s circadian clock and matched to social and environmental contexts
A high proportion of people prescribed antipsychotic polypharmacy are also taking high-dose antipsychotic therapy.
Pregnancy planning should include dietary and nutrient considerations to ensure healthy fetal growth and development.
Pharmacogenomic testing is a tool that can be used to personalise medicine management. It has been shown to reduce adverse events, healthcare utilisation and healthcare costs.
Obesity is one of the most significant public health concerns worldwide. Almost 70% of Australians and 25% of children are overweight or obese.
The PSA has released Guidelines for Pharmacists Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples with Medicines Management.
Sore throat is a symptom rather than a diagnosis. Although usually mild it can be painful and warrants careful investigation by pharmacists.
Medicines, if disposed of unsafely, have the potential to both cause damage to the environment and pose a risk to public safety.
Dry mouth is a common condition that can harm dentition, contribute to mucosal discomfort and affect an individual’s quality of life.
Over-the-counter medicines are frequently used to manage childhood ailments. How can pharmacists help ensure they are administered correctly?