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By distinguishing between the two different types of inspiratory flow rates, this new label could help to improve inhaler technique.
Tech savvy patients are using smartwatches in chronic disease management via health tracking apps and synchronised monitoring devices.
Ahead of World Hepatitis Day, pharmacists can bolster testing and treatment to prevent unnecessary infections, complications and deaths.
Women are required to stop some smoking cessation pharmacotherapies when they find out they are pregnant. Here's what needs to change.
Palliative care patients and children bear the brunt of short supply of medicines. These legislative updates could help to make a difference.
As the ACOP program kicks off, this new intervention is designed to strengthen the systems level capacity of pharmacists in aged care.
Pharmacy changes will take place mid-winter, with a range of practice, fee and career pathway updates kicking off on 1 July 2024.
With rabies cases increasing worldwide, patients in this jurisdiction can now receive prophylactic protection before they head off overseas.
Vaccination rates are rapidly slipping in vulnerable older Australians. Three pharmacists share their advice for turning this around.
NSW Health has issued an alert following a stream of newborn and infant presentations with symptoms of anticholinergic syndrome.