COVID-19: Continued Dispensing extended to ensure supply of essential medicines

Emergency measures to allow continued access to essential medicines through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) have been extended to at least 30 June this year.

Should ibuprofen be used for COVID-19 symptoms?

There is currently no peer-reviewed, published scientific evidence to support a direct link between use of ibuprofen and more severe infection with COVID-19.

COVID-19: Medicine supply changes and increased social distancing

PSA is hosting a live webinar on COVID-19: Your questions answered tonight (25 March, 7:30pm EST). PSA members can register here. Elective surgeries will be cancelled,...

Face mask advisory as coronavirus case rate climbs

Pharmacists have been urged to limit the sales of face masks, with reports of consumers bulk-buying P2 masks from pharmacies, intending to ship them...

A cup of tea, a Bex and a good lie down

Immortalised in Australian slang, the analgesic phenacetin (used in Bex powder) is wrapped up in the development of the modern pharmaceutical industry and has...

How the COVID-19 Home Medicines Service works

Pharmacies will receive a $5 service fee for every eligible home delivery made through the new Home Medicines Service scheme, designed to protect the most vulnerable Australians from exposure to COVID-19.