Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine health hubs announced

The Federal Government is calling on community pharmacists to help vaccinate millions of Australians against COVID-19.

A cup of tea, a Bex and a good lie down

Immortalised in Australian slang, the analgesic phenacetin (used in Bex powder) is wrapped up in the development of the modern pharmaceutical industry and has...

Landmark Australian study on oxycodone prescribing

Oxycodone is the most prescribed strong opioid in Australia. Yet little was known about its use and prescribing patterns – until now.

Triptans downscheduled to S3 medicines

Last year, the Therapeutic Goods Administration announced that certain triptans will be available over the counter in 2021.

New CAL D instruction for antibiotics

A new cautionary advisory label for antibiotics that will replace decades of advice to take the medicines ‘until all used’ or ‘until all taken’ will be released next year. 

Pharmacists help patients as Ozempic shortage gets even worse

Late last week, the TGA announced there would be no semaglutide stock from mid-November 2022 until the end of March next year.