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Before it helped make a fashion statement, belladonna was used as an anaesthetic, pain reliever and remedy for assorted ailments.
Changing weather patterns could spell trouble ahead for hay fever sufferers. Now is the time to ensure patients have optimum relief.
SABA overuse is undermining asthma control. This National Asthma Week, pharmacists should inform patients about the risks.
After 18 reports of liver injury, including one death, the TGA has issued a warning about the risks of taking turmeric and/or curcumin.
Ahead of National Diabetes Week, Australian Pharmacist explains the transformative impact of diabetes technologies.
A new Therapeutic Guidelines summary table, ensures patients can receive appropriate treatments when first-line options are unavailable.
Dispensing of psychotropic medicines to Australian children and adolescents aged 18 and younger doubled from 2013 to 2021, new research found.
How to dispense levothyroxine safely, from applying cautionary advisory labels to using the medicine’s new name.
There are a few simple techniques that can go a long way toward making transgender and gender-diverse patients, as well as all LGBTQIA+ people, feel welcome and respected.
Beyond the laboratory, frankincense is used primarily to manufacture incense and lozenges, however aromatherapy is one of the big sellers.