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Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow espoused alleged health benefits from ingesting colloidal silver. However, no rigorous studies supporting these claims exist.
There are 344 registered interventional clinical trials under way for the treatment and prevention of COVID-19. The WHO is looking at four of them.
The offspring of mothers exposed to extreme stress, undernutrition or infectious diseases during pregnancy are at heightened risk of psychosis, studies suggest.
Changes to regulations on opioid supply in Australia came into effect this week, with new Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme listings resulting in smaller quantities and restrictions around opioid prescribing for pain treatment.
For people with food allergies, medicines meant to benefit health can in fact present a risk due to food products used as inactive (excipient) ingredients.
Combined with glycerine, sugar and methylparaben, the result was a product designed to induce vomiting after exposure to poisons: syrup of ipecac (SOI).
Interventions initiated at the hospital-community interface may be the best way to influence multiple medicine adherence in older adults, a new Cochrane review has found. 
At a time when it is vital to identify and treat individuals infected with the COVID-19 virus, it is also important to recognise and manage the symptoms of allergic rhinitis.
As confirmed COVID-19 cases soar well past 3 million worldwide, the race is on to find treatments for patients as soon as possible.
There is currently no peer-reviewed, published scientific evidence to support a direct link between use of ibuprofen and more severe infection with COVID-19.