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Antimicrobial use has declined dramatically in Australia during the pandemic, but the figures show there is no room for complacency.
More than 250,000 Australians have faulty heart valves and are at risk of serious complications, including heart failure, stroke and death – yet don’t know it. Australian Pharmacist spoke to an expert about the symptoms pharmacists should be aware of.
A new Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme listing last week for dry eye product Cationorm ties into a quirky review of a new area of literature from United States researchers. 
This month, we’ll again focus on COVID-19 vaccination questions answered by Amanda Fairjones, Professional Support Advisor. 
Senior pharmacists share latest updates on best practice in pain relief for fever in children, osteoarthritis and in older people with comorbidities.
How pharmacists can support patients in the end-of-life period.
By encouraging open communication and breaking down barriers, pharmacists can help empower women when it comes to their sexual and reproductive health.
New boxed warnings for pregabalin and gabapentin give pharmacists the opportunity to discuss pain management with patients.
The first government-funded training modules for the COVID-19 vaccination have been released, as federal Minister for Health Greg Hunt confirms the rollout will begin later this month.
People with diabetes need to constantly monitor their diet and weight, which can lead to a difficult relationship with food.