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From COVID-19 to influenza, pharmacists help to protect millions of Australians through vaccination services. But a lack of funding and access could have ‘dire consequences’ for the nation.
Whether pitching collaboration ideas, PHN tenders or talking to politicians, all pharmacists must master the art of advocating for their own practice.
With better treatments than ever, why don’t patients with respiratory conditions show better outcomes as well?
PSA is pushing to improve pharmacists’ remuneration to recognise their work in caring for the community – and ensuring that pharmacists receive the same pay for the same work as other healthcare practitioners, including for the administration of vaccines.
Caleb Stuetz MPS discusses the extraordinary lengths pharmacists go to in order to ensure equitable vaccine access.
Our experts answer your questions about the end of digital image prescriptions, administering Novavax as a booster, supervising rapid antigen tests and more.
A veteran of hospital pharmacy and an embedded aged care pharmacist were among those honoured at PSA’s South Australian Pharmacy Awards last week.
Digital image prescriptions will end on 31 March. Here are the top things pharmacists need to know.
Pharmacists displayed a united front last week, reaching out to local government members and other healthcare professionals about pharmacist remuneration.
Pharmacists have been supplying emergency contraception in Australia since 2004. Since then, the evidence base and consumer experience surrounding emergency contraception has evolved significantly.