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Pharmacists on the frontline discuss a dip in AstraZeneca demand and the outcome of an erroneous announcement about the Pfizer vaccine.
From leaving home for weeks on end to filling in when needed, pharmacists working with the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) are doing what it takes to vaccinate vulnerable New South Wales communities.
Clusters of infection in regional and remote areas continue to grow, with overworked pharmacists adapting their services to minimise the spread.
Real-time prescription monitoring provides some, but not all information in supplying Controlled Drugs and other high-risk medicines. Here’s how it can help
Tasmanian pharmacists new to the rollout discuss encouraging vaccination despite low case numbers, while a newly locked-down pharmacist in Canberra shares how she quickly adapted to restrictions.
Pharmacist immuniser Vanessa Lange MPS has a history of anaphylactic reactions to vaccines. She spoke with Australian Pharmacist about her decision to get the COVID-19 vaccine and using her experience to help vaccine-hesitant patients.
For years RTPM has been ‘just around the corner’ in most jurisdictions. Now imminent across Australia, protecting those most at risk will require everyone to use it effectively.
As the virus creeps up the New South Wales coast, pharmacists have been approved en masse to vaccinate the nation.
Domestic and family violence (DFV) is prevalent in Australia, but pharmacists are largely unprepared to help tackle the issue.
As COVID-19 cases continue to grow in New South Wales and Queensland, with 233 locally acquired cases confirmed today, vaccination is under ever-increasing focus.