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The significant rise in Australian asthma deaths is cause for immediate and widespread concern. Here’s what experts say needs to change.
With a plunge in vaccination rates following the COVID-19 pandemic peak, a new report says a focus on national consistency is required.
With New South Wales recently expanding its pharmacy prescribing trial to include skin conditions, could other jurisdictions soon follow?
With a whooping cough outbreak on the way, pharmacists can help to protect those most at risk through promoting testing and vaccination.
Pharmacists' QUM expertise is vital to optimising therapy and preventing harm, says PSA’s newest medicine safety report.
Antibiotic use has crept back up since COVID-19 restrictions have lifted, with multi-resistant bugs increasingly in our midst.
Prevention, early diagnosis and optimal treatment are essential to reduce the progression of this irreversible disease.
With supply shortages of other diabetes therapies persisting, off-label prescribing of Mounjaro for weight loss has become more common.
Optus is still trying to resolve a nationwide outage that’s left millions of Australians without mobile phone and internet services.
Australia is in the middle of another COVID-19 wave, with case numbers rising sharply since the end of October across the country.