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Dimitra Hoppe MPS juggles community pharmacy with four other job roles while studying for a doctorate in public health.
Gunnedah-based Karen Carter FPS loves making a difference to patients’ health and wellbeing. She always knew she wanted to own a pharmacy. Now she has two .
Loan Pham MPS, a daughter of Vietnamese refugees, has spent 14 years at one pharmacy. She loves it so much, she’s hoping to buy it. What set you on the path to a career in pharmacy? Growing up in Sydney...
From compounding to COVID-19, Amanda Fairjones BPharm Hons AACPA, MPS can get answers for all your member queries.
The journey through the Australian healthcare system has been long and hard for this pharmacist patient with Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.
Kurtis Gray, a final year Master of Pharmacy student at the University of Western Australia (UWA), is the 2020 PSA Mylan Pharmacy Student of the Year.
An enterprising intern ditched her planned diabetes consultations to master pandemic communication skills. The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) presented new challenges for Australians – among them community pharmacists. During the initial hysteria, our shelves were stripped bare due to stockpiling of essential...
Todd Marion MPS, in Kiama, New South Wales, has been on the front line during the COVID-19 pandemic. He is also a specialist in sleep services. Was pharmacy your goal? Growing up, I thought I would do sport science. My career...
Andrew Matthews MPS is the Australian Digital Health Agency’s Director of Medicines Safety. In that role, he hopes to ensure pharmacists are fundamental to healthcare’s digital future.
Jocelyn Watson, a PSA life member, was awarded an Order of Australia medal in January for services to Launceston and contributions to her church, horticultural society and her industry.