DAA program to be expanded in community pharmacies

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The Dose Administration Aids (DAA) program will be available to 70,000 more patients each year through community pharmacies, with the Federal Government announcing increased funding to expand the successful program.

PSA National President Dr Shane Jackson welcomed the increased availability of DAA services able to be provided within community pharmacies.

‘Lifting the amount of funding, and supporting services that can be provided by pharmacists such as DAAs will have a significant impact on improving medication adherence, and improve health outcomes for patients who take multiple medicines,’ Dr Jackson said.

‘There is no doubt that many services provided by pharmacists can improve medicines management, and we look forward to a similar expansion of other existing programs such as Home Medicines Review, MedsCheck and other Community Pharmacy Agreement programs in the future.’

PSA supports pharmacists to implement the DAA program with the Guidelines for pharmacists providing dose administration aid services, along with an online learning module and quick reference tool at PSA’s 6CPA Resource Hub.

‘Dose Administration Aids are a substantial part of our professional offering to the local community, so we’re excited to hear that this program will be expanded to assist even more people in Burnie,’ said Heather Wild, co-owner of healthSAVE Wilkinson’s Pharmacy in Burnie, Tasmania.

‘We are also very pleased that the government is recognising and showing support for this significant part of what pharmacies offer to their communities,’ she said.

The $340 million announcement was made on 14 June by Minister for Health Greg Hunt, as part of an $825 million allocation over three years for community pharmacies to support and improve Australians’ access to medicines.