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Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy (NVP) is a prevalent pregnancy-induced condition, affecting an estimated 70% of all pregnancies.
Conjunctivitis is a common ophthalmic condition characterised by inflammation of the conjunctiva. Causes of conjunctivitis can be either infective (e.g. bacterial, viral) or non-infective (e.g. allergic, chemical irritation).
Migraine and tension-type headache are the most prevalent of all neurological disorders, affecting a significant portion of the Australian population.
Wound infection is a challenging part of wound care management, and systemic antibiotics are commonly prescribed for infection.
Pharmacists can provide support and evidence-based recommendations to protect injuries, reduce pain and promote the healing process.
Over-the-counter medicines are frequently used to manage childhood ailments. How can pharmacists help ensure they are administered correctly?
Healthy sleep requires a range of complex physiological processes to be aligned with the body’s circadian clock and matched to social and environmental contexts
A high proportion of people prescribed antipsychotic polypharmacy are also taking high-dose antipsychotic therapy.
Pregnancy planning should include dietary and nutrient considerations to ensure healthy fetal growth and development.
Pharmacogenomic testing is a tool that can be used to personalise medicine management. It has been shown to reduce adverse events, healthcare utilisation and healthcare costs.