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Becoming credentialed opens up a world of possibilities, with fulfilling opportunities that make use of pharmacists' clinical skills.
Pregnant women are having difficulty accessing medicines due to a reliance on off-patent drugs and lack of trial data into medicine safety.
Did you know a new Australian Cardiovascular risk calculator (AusCVDRisk) was released last year?If not, you’re not alone.
Department announces transition plan, PSA launches credential offer and Credentialed Pharmacist of the Year awarded.
The Department of Health and Aged Care announce new credentialing requirements announced as pharmacists prepare to take on aged care roles.
Pharmacists encounter pregnant and new mums more often than most health professionals, and can have a bird’s-eye view when things go awry.
Nitazenes are becoming more common in the Australian illicit drug market, and are linked to an increasing number of overdoses and deaths.
Queenslanders are set to have greater access to high-quality, primary healthcare services from today (24 April 2024) under the state government’s Community Pharmacy Scope of Practice Pilot. Under the Pilot, trained pharmacists will be able to prescribe for a range...
We’ve passed the halfway mark in the CPD year. Top up your credits and develop pharmacy skills by completing these CPD activities.
An expert weighs in on the legitimacy of ADHD diagnoses and where pharmacists fit into the equation.