New alliance between PSA and SHPA announced


At PSA19 this morning, it was revealed that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by PSA and the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA).

The MoU will enable closer cooperation between the two factions so they can represent and empower the majority and spectrum of Australia’s pharmacists and technicians, and outlines a framework for commitment and cooperation between the PSA and SHPA.

PSA National President Dr Chris Freeman says codifying the sharing of ideas and resources will ultimately benefit members, patients and consumers.

‘It is a pleasure to welcome leaders of SHPA to PSA19 and make this shared commitment to unite the pharmacy profession in the context of healthcare delivery, strengthen our advocacy to enhance patient outcomes and to lift the profile and engagement of pharmacists within the healthcare team. 

‘It is an exciting time for PSA as we prepare to take a seat at the table for negotiations regarding the Seventh Community Pharmacy Agreement (7CPA) and undergo an organisational transformation to strengthen the advocacy and training we provide to our members. 

‘In the same vein, this MoU is about embracing strategic commonalities and finding new ways of working closer with SHPA to deliver a wider range of events, services and supports for members, while uniting the pharmacy profession toward our common goals.’ 

Dr Freeman said the MoU was very far from being merely symbolic or tokenistic.

‘We are already working very closely together [with SHPA] to get tangible things happening and I’m very excited to launch some of these things in the very near future.’

SHPA President Peter Fowler was similarly enthused about the partnership, saying the synergy between the SHPA Strategic Plan 2019-2023 and PSA’s Pharmacists in 2023: For patients, for our profession, for Australia’s health system makes a strong case for closer cooperation. 

‘In our respective five-year plans for the future of pharmacy in Australia three areas of alignment clearly stand out: Achieving excellence in pharmacy care benefiting all Australians; supporting pharmacist members to thrive and succeed; and amplifying members’ voices to effect real and positive change. 

‘These will be the backbone of this MoU – identifying and developing new approaches, in partnership, to improve the practice, impact and membership experience of all PSA and SHPA members.’