Q&A: Jacqueline Meyer MPS

As newly-appointed PSA Queensland President, Jacqueline Meyer has extensive experience in community pharmacy, especially in regional areas across Australia.

Ms Meyer – former Chair of PSA Queensland’s ECP Working Group – has been a pharmacist for more than 10 years, serving on the Queensland Branch Committee for the last four years.

As an ECP, Ms Meyer has always worked in rural and regional areas, starting her career in Victoria, before heading north to Queensland.

Q Why did you choose to become a pharmacist?

A Like many other pharmacists, I chose pharmacy to help improve healthcare in local communities. After growing up in a country town in South Gippsland, Victoria, I moved to Melbourne to complete my degree at Monash University. Since graduation, I’ve always worked in regional areas and I definitely enjoy that community feel you develop with customers.

I enjoy building strong relationships and connections with my customers and their families and the trust that they build with you is very rewarding. You truly feel integrated in their lives.

Q What is your goal as new PSA Queensland President?

A My goal is to be a role model for other young pharmacists in Queensland and encourage them to get more involved with PSA and their profession.

I am really honoured to take up this role after being extensively involved with the Queensland Branch Committee.

One of my focus areas is to better engage with regional pharmacists and ensure younger pharmacists in regional areas feel supported.

I believe it’s important for them to know their voices are being heard, especially as they often have less access to services and support compared with city-based pharmacists.

I really want to thank former President Bruce Elliot for his leadership over recent years – and I look forward to working with Vice Presidents Brett Simmonds and Chris Campbell.

Q What has been your experience being a Branch Committee member?

A My experience on Queensland’s Branch Committee has been really positive.

Over the past four years, I’ve revived and chaired the ECP Working Group, which has seen the involvement of 12-15 young pharmacists across the State engage with PSA and form a working group to help support young pharmacists.

I would encourage other ECPs to engage with PSA and become more involved with the Branch Committee to contribute to the future of their profession.

Q Where do you see the future of pharmacists in Australia’s health system?

A The future is bright for pharmacists as I think it’s going to be about expanding professional services and scope of practice, especially in areas such as vaccination.

Pharmacists are providing a greater amount of healthcare services to relieve the burden on other health professionals and Australia’s health system.

There is an ever-growing need for pharmacists to provide complete, patient-centred care to improve health outcomes across the community.

So I think it’s a positive future, especially for those who are motivated to progress innovation in the profession.

The future of pharmacy is as vast as our imagination.