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Along with correct medication administration techniques, it is important for pharmacists to improve parents’ and caregivers’ general understanding of the pain or fever that a child presents with.
Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is a serious mental health condition characterised by an intense and distressing preoccupation with a perceived flaw in one’s appearance.
Pharmacists can help women by providing advice on appropriate contraceptive options, recognising potential drug interactions, and providing education on the appropriate action to take when pills are missed or late.
Knowledge of the cause, as well as management options for vaginal dryness, enables pharmacists to provide appropriate, tailored advice.
Pharmacists can support patients from different disadvantaged populations to access appropriate healthcare in many ways, including providing education to increase health literacy and creating a welcoming and inclusive space.
As health professionals who see PLHIV at each dispensing of their regular medication, pharmacists are able to contribute to their optimal management through the provision of both medicine and lifestyle advice as well as vaccination services. 
New legislation now places clear obligations on providers to ensure that chemical restraint is used only as a last resort, implemented for the least amount of time possible, and recorded, monitored and reviewed.
Pharmacists must provide respectful care to all people living with HIV, ensure health-related information is kept confidential, and adapt care to culturally and linguistically diverse populations