What is your 10 Year Vision?

Internationally, models of care delivered by pharmacists show significant impact in terms of better health outcomes, reduced costs to healthcare systems, and achieving full utilisation of the pharmacist workforce to deliver safer and more effective use of medicines.

Australia needs a shared view of what pharmacists can do, and should do in the future. This expanded view must take into account the views of consumers, health groups, other healthcare professionals and the pharmacy profession.

PSA is developing a 10 Year Vision to make sure pharmacists are utilised to their full scope of practice, and is seeking input from pharmacists in any area of practice. By ensuring effective utilisation of pharmacists’ skills and expertise and addressing the challenges faced in healthcare, PSA aims to improve health outcomes for all health consumers.

PSA released a statement to members, saying,

‘PSA is committed to ensuring new and expanded roles for pharmacists are fully realised and supported through robust, evidence-based advocacy, practical resources and appropriate funding mechanisms.’

By developing the blueprint, PSA aims to gather data around challenges with funding and/or service arrangements; as well as predictions on future pharmacist services and the need for education/training remuneration options and opportunities.

The information gathered will also inform future practice services and models of care needed across all practice settings, consumer needs and the need for such services and models of care in Australia – as well as opportunities for implementing services and models of care.

‘We encourage members to let us know what should be included in this blueprint for the future so we can address the issues most important to you.’

The survey will take 5-10 minutes to complete and is open until Friday 8 June 2018.

Every comment will be reviewed and incorporated into PSA’s 10 Year Vision consultation draft, which will be launched at PSA18 in July.

Complete the survey here.