Changes to S3 salbutamol scheduling

Amendments to the S3 listing for salbutamol released last week will ease dispensing restrictions, hopefully reducing patient frustration and stopping unacceptable abuse experienced by some pharmacists.

Cautionary advisory labels

Scenario A 70-year-old male patient is being discharged from hospital today and you note that swallowing difficulties are detailed in his case history. The dispensing...

ATAGI advice for this year’s flu season

As we head into autumn, pharmacists should start preparing for a flu season like no other. 

COVID-19 vaccine effort well underway

One week into the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, Australian Pharmacist looks at the progress so far, and what is yet to come.

Full identification needed for ASL registration

Pharmacists are required to access a patient’s photo identification in many situations when dealing with the Active Script List (ASL).

Pharmacy and medical termination of pregnancy

One in six Australian pharmacists are pro-life and oppose elective termination of pregnancy. But this does not diminish their responsibilities to patients. Marie enters your...