Victorian pharmacists face a second wave of patient anxiety as COVID-19...

While the rest of Australia maintains low rates of COVID-19 infection, 36 suburbs in Victoria will enter lockdown from midnight tonight as case numbers continue to rise.

Cautionary advisory labels

Scenario A 70-year-old male patient is being discharged from hospital today and you note that swallowing difficulties are detailed in his case history. The dispensing...

COVID-19: How pharmacies are coping with digital image prescriptions

It’s 10 am at Scott-Dibben Chemist in Newcastle, New South Wales, and emails of prescriptions are already pinging into the inbox.

Tasmanian pharmacists forge on as hospitals shut amid Stage 4 COVID-19...

As hospitals and all non-essential businesses in Burnie on Tasmania’s north-west coast shut down to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, pharmacists are feeling the pressure – but finding ways to carry on.

Pharmacist’s difficult journey through the healthcare system

The journey through the Australian healthcare system has been long and hard for this pharmacist patient with Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

These are the reasons people misuse prescription opioids

Contrary to the belief that people who misuse prescription opioids are doing the wrong thing, a recent Australian study has shown most people overuse opioids to manage symptoms such as pain and mental health conditions.