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Hannah Knowles MPS loves being involved in every stage of a patients’ journey, an interest suited to her new role at a leading Brisbane hospital pharmacy.
Bernadette Cappello MPS has gone from community pharmacy, through the federal Department of Health to the World Health Organization in Geneva.
Medicine safety will be improved through empowering consumers and a combination of practice, policy and research initiatives.
More than 200,000 Australians currently live in aged care and the number grows each day. Optimising medicine safety is a crucial concern.
Mental health and substance use disorders are among the five leading causes of disease burden in Australia. What role can pharmacists play?
It took Bria Lacy five years to ‘find her voice’ but when she did, it was heard. I was not expecting the overwhelming response I got,’ Ms Lacy said of the support she received after publishing her blog Finding My...
The move to electronic prescribing is the ‘biggest process change in medicine supply since computers were introduced in pharmacy in the 1980s’.
The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety has heard clear calls for pharmacists, as a priority, to spend more time on the ground in residential aged care. Hearing from dozens of witnesses and receiving hundreds of submissions,...
It is difficult to overstate the importance of the present and potential future role of the pharmacist in the day-to-day health care of most Australians. Surveys of consumer patterns in utilising the health system, including those conducted by the...
digital health

The new normal

A new PSA report describes the digital future of Australian health care, a ‘new normal’ with pharmacists front and centre, equipped with more information to better inform clinical decisions and provide safer care for patients.  Australia’s health system is...