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Paul Sinclair MPS has become the first Australia International Pharmaceutical Federation President, his duties starting early this month.

Family business

Growing up, PSA’s 2023 Intern of the Year Grace Quach had more opportunity than most to see the difference pharmacists make to their patients.
Pharmacy practice is rapidly evolving. Here’s how the drastically reimagined Professional Practice Standards can help the profession adapt.
Climate change is the most pressing health issue of our time. Pharmacists need to recognise and address this before it’s too late.
Rates of new HIV diagnoses have also declined almost 50%, however challenges remain including the ongoing rise of chlamydia in Australia.
Hospital pharmacists working in the hospital setting were once limited to the dispensary. This has now evolved further to specialisations.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are drastically underrepresented in the pharmacy profession, accounting for just 0.3% of the pharmacist workforce. This disparity impacts patients, policy and pharmacists themselves – so what must be done to address it? Only 85...
It has been 3 years since medicine safety was announced as Australia’s 10th National Health Priority Area. How are we going at reducing harm – both individually and across the healthcare system? During a routine visit to his general practitioner...
It is everyone’s responsibility to protect people with disability from medicine harm. We must all do more. Disabilities, which can be impairments, activity limitations and participation restrictions that can interact with a person’s health and hinder their equal participation in...

Not Yet Equal

The LGBTQIA+ community experiences poorer health outcomes than other Australians. As Sydney plays host to the WorldPride festival in February and March, it’s time for the entire health system – including pharmacists – to step up.