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Australia’s sun safety guidelines have been updated for diverse skin types to ensure maximum sun protection and vitamin D production.
Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) is now legal in most jurisdictions. But there’s a nation-wide regulation impeding access to the service.
A new PIMs list unveiled medicines that could result in negative clinical outcomes, including hospitalisation and death in older patients.
For those who were unable to make it to the PSA’s jam-packed NIPVIP webinar, here’s the most sought-after information from the expert hosts.
Australia should prepare now for a potential influx of synthetic opioids into the illicit drug market, an expert has told Australian Pharmacist, as overdoses increase internationally.
A worldwide Vyvanse, expected to last months, has left pharmacists inundated with requests for the popular ADHD medicine.
While the NIPVIP Program has been underway for almost a month, eligibility is still a murky area for many patients and pharmacists alike.
With reports of children as young as 5 attempting suicide and low efficacy, here’s how pharmacists can approach montelukast supply.
The timelines and alternative options for thousands of patients living with pain when oral morphine and oxycodone are discontinued this year.
With the right knowledge, pharmacists can help heal patients’ acute wounds and injuries — and grow a gaping area of practice.