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After years of little movement in downscheduling of medicines in Australia, 2021 will usher in a flurry of activity – but Appendix M remains conspicuously empty.
Pharmacists have long been advocating for better care for older Australians living independently or in residential aged care facilities.
Pharmacists have adapted to life in the COVID-19 era, but what new practices should remain permanently? As Australia marks 6 months of disruption, uncertainty and pain from the coronavirus pandemic, pharmacy practice has changed irrevocably for many. And just as...
Pharmacists can help improve health outcomes for men, especially if they use communication skills to draw out those who don’t often visit doctors.
Bernadette Cappello MPS has gone from community pharmacy, through the federal Department of Health to the World Health Organization in Geneva.
Medicine safety will be improved through empowering consumers and a combination of practice, policy and research initiatives.
More than 200,000 Australians currently live in aged care and the number grows each day. Optimising medicine safety is a crucial concern.
Mental health and substance use disorders are among the five leading causes of disease burden in Australia. What role can pharmacists play?
It took Bria Lacy five years to ‘find her voice’ but when she did, it was heard. I was not expecting the overwhelming response I got,’ Ms Lacy said of the support she received after publishing her blog Finding My...
The move to electronic prescribing is the ‘biggest process change in medicine supply since computers were introduced in pharmacy in the 1980s’.