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Summer hazards are aplenty, and feelings of isolation and stress can emerge or escalate for many. So, what do pharmacists need to consider?
Clozapine, used for the management of treatment-resistant schizophrenia, is subject to strict regulatory and monitoring requirements.
Patients are being harmed because we are not talking about the adverse effects of mental health medicines.
Just as CPR training can help save a life, mental health first aid (MHFA) is vital education for all pharmacy staff.
With empathy, openness and a listening ear, pharmacists can make a big impact in Aboriginal Health Services — for both community members and staff.
When it comes to person-centred care, bespoke tailoring to every patient’s healthcare needs is fundamental.
Affordable and convenient probiotics may help prevent cancer-related cognitive impairment.
Presenting the most current evidence from an overview of Cochrane reviews.
Pharmacists from all practice settings can identify opportunities to create a more sustainable workplace.
Pharmacists in aged care facilities are optimising medicines management – and changing the lives of residents