Waiting to inhale

Annoyed by her glass squeeze-bulb nebuliser, 13-year old asthmatic Susie Maison asked "Daddy why can't they put my asthma medicine in a spray can?"

From the President: Caring for older Australians with compassion and expertise

At PSA we are proud to advocate for the critical role that pharmacists play in palliative care and aged care for medication supply and...

Compounding sterile medicines

References Sansom LN ed. Australian pharmaceutical formulary and handbook. 26th edn. Canberra: Pharmaceutical Society of Australia; 2024. Pharmacy Board of Australia. Guidelines on compounding...

Oral Antihyperglycaemics for COPD exacerbations

Emerging evidence is pointing to the benefits of ‘novel’ antihyperglycaemics on lung function in COPD patients.